Genetic Testing

A premier programme gives you direct access to experienced and highly skilled fertility doctors and embryologists to make your treatment as personalised and successful as possible.


IVF (In vitro fertilisation), also called test tube baby, is an advanced method for helping infertile couple to have a baby. The success of IVF depends on female partner’s age and the experience of the clinical professionals. As all we know, women’s fertility goes down when they are getting older. Especially when the age beyonds 35, the fertility will drop dramatically; when beyonds 40, the chance of getting pregnant is very low; and when beyond 45, there is almost no chance to get pregnant with own eggs. 

Preimplantation genetic testing (PGT) is an advanced technology to test the genetics to the embryos before they are put back to the uterus. Only the genetic normal embryos are transferred for the best chance of success. 

Both the clinicians and embryologists’ experience is extremely important for maximasing the chance of success. The clinician is responsible for making the right treatment plan and stimulate your ovaries to produce a lot of eggs with the best quality. The embryologists are responsible for fertilising the eggs with either partner’s or donor sperm and culture them to the best quality embryos in the laboratory. Then the experienced embryologist performs biopsy to the embryos and send the sample to the genetic laboratory for testing. 

For the best care of the chance of your success, we let you only consult the doctors with over 30 years’ practicing experience in the field and the embryologists with well proven embryology skills and a lot of success in the field. 

Genetic testing process

The whole genetic testing treatment cycle includes 5 steps, and takes around 4-6 weeks to complete:

Step 1 Initial Consultation: The first step is to book your appointment for an initial consultation with a fertility specialist to ask all questions and learn about your fertility before making adecision.

Step 2 Fertility Check-Up: Once you decide to go ahead, you can book an appointment to assess your fertility. During the appointment, you will be asked for an ultrasound scan to check your pelvic anatomy, notably your ovaries and uterus. You will also be asked to do some blood tests, includes hormone levels to assess your ovarian function. According to the results, our specialist will make a very personalized treatment plan for you for ovarian stimulation, to safely and effectively result in the best number of eggs. After this appointment our nursing team will help you to sign relevant consents as well as teach you the correct use of the prescribed medications. 

Step 3 Medications: When the consents are signed and you are ready, our nursing team will tell you to start medication to stimulate your ovaries over two weeks. During this time, you will need to visit clinic 3-5 times for scan and blood tests to monitor your progress and adjust your medication if necessary. Around 36 hours before egg collection, you will be asked to take a trigger injection to mature your eggs.

Step 4 Egg Collection: You will be sedated for 20-30 minutes while your eggs are collected by one of our fertility specialist doctors. Most women find the procedure painless and no problem to return back to normal life next day. We would advise you that you should have someone to accompany you home after egg collection.

Step 5 Embryology Process: After egg collection, eggs will be fertilised with partner or donor sperm using IVF or ICSI technology depending on the sperm quality. All fertilised eggs will be cultured in the laboratory for 5 or 6 days till blastocyst stage. All usable blastocysts will be biopsied. Then blastocysts will be frozen using vitrification technology and stored under -196 degree liquid nitrogen. The biopsied samples will be sent to genetic lab for genetic testing. Usually the results will come back within 2-3 weeks. 

Why us

WFCA (West Fertility Clinical Associates) is a premier programme giving you direct access to experienced and highly skilled fertility experts to make your treatment as personalised and successful as possible. WFCA only signs with the doctors who have the reputation and many years' experience in the field. All treatments are carried out by qualified doctors under their licenses/practising privileges. We use the modern communication technologies to let you easily keep connection with us. Once you started your cycle, you can have unlimited access to our professional advice. You can contact us at any time from anywhere.

We commit to providing the top quality services to all of our patients from the beginning till the end of your treatments. The doctor you see is the highly skilled fertility expert with over 30 years’ experience in fertility; The consultant embryologist you talk with is the very experienced senior embryologist with a lot of success in the field. 

We aim to provide the best fertility services in the aspects of not only the technologies but also the customer service. We treat your suggestions or advices as our most valuable treasures. Anytime during your treatment or even not in the treatment, please feel free to leave your feedback to us. 

All communications regarding your treatment will be done directly between you and our most experienced and very successful IVF expert, you can ask any questions via live chat or any other ways we provide at any time for the most professional answers. WFCA does not use admin or coordinator with low level professional knowledge and experience to connect with you as we know how important for you to get the correct information from enquiries at the beginning and how important for you to get sufficient and correct support during your treatment.

Dr Wang and Genetic Testing

Established the best blastocyst biopsy platform for both PGS and PGD programmes.

In the field of genetic screening, initially he was trained in Oxford. He introduced the biopsy technology to his team in 2009. Since then he has developed and established his own very reliable and robust blastocyst biopsy technology. He has performed many hundred genetic screening cases and trained many embryologists with the best technology. With his unique technology, he and his team were able to perform the biopsy procedure very safely and easily with minimal damage to the embryos and capable to achieve the best successful rate in the country.

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